Luxury Flower Bouquets

Luxury Flower Bouquets – The 4 main features


How do you truly class a bouquet as luxury? What’s involved in making luxury flower bouquets? Here’s the 4 main features to look out for if you’re wanting to leave a lasting impression…

1. The Quality of The Flowers


Using the finest quality flowers is key to giving a bouquet that luxury feel. Some of our favourite premium flowers that feature in our designs are Red Naomi roses and Avalanche roses. With long sturdy stems and flowers which can last up to 14 days, you can truly appreciate their outstanding quality.

2. Design


Our floral designers seek to create bouquets which are original and noteworthy. Our designs are inspired by each season and the flowers they bring. For example, a late spring/summer bouquet might be focused on the peony, a flower which is only in bloom for a short period of time. Once we’ve chosen the most exquisite stems, we bring our vision to life by combining flowers and colours that complement one another.

3. The Presentation


Presentation always matters. Our designers take care in placing every stem at a certain angle, to achieve a balanced and harmonious design. Once the flowers are arranged, they are wrapped in a mixture of clear and decorative cellophane to enhance and protect their beauty. For the final touch, we add a ribbon to the bouquet, which has the option of being personalised with a special message. 

4. Delivery


It’s all in the details. When receiving luxury flowers, you want that moment to feel incredibly special. It’s an experience after all. We care about every single one of our customers and want the process from order to delivery to be easy. That’s why we deliver all of our orders by hand. From placing your order, to the flowers arriving at the recipient’s door, we’re with you every step of the way.

Gain an insight on our Luxury Bouquets UK

Here’s an example of just a few of our luxury flower bouquets. To see more follow the shop Button for all the latest designs.

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