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Corporate Flowers UK – Great News


As a supplier of Corporate Flowers UK, we’re over the moon to announce that we’ve recently been appointed as the only supplier to Aston Villa Football Club for all their floral requirements!

At Villa Park, we supply all event flowers, and typically fulfil orders of 200 or more arrangements to cater for large events fortnightly, usually during match days and for other related functions. We’ve set up a gallery of the Aston Villa FC event flowers here.

It’s a challenge we enjoy sinking our teeth into, as it requires a lot of planning and organisation to ensure everything goes smoothly logistically. 

Behind the Scenes of Supplying for Aston Villa

Since we often supply over 200 arrangements to this football stadium, we know that we need to have a meticulous plan in place.

Event Florist – Our Process

It all starts with the concept. Every order we design for Villa has a different theme. That’s why one of the most crucial stages is to understand their requirements. 

For example, one week may feature a particular flower, like sunflowers. The entire room will be full of large and small displays, keeping to the yellow colour scheme and incorporating sunflowers in the most tasteful way. 

We have to get creative because there is a multitude of sizes required when catering for a large corporate event. That means that the event flowers in the entranceway might be more eye-catching than the subtle additions in the middle of tables, which act as modest centerpieces. 

The finalised plans are then relayed to our floral designers and the exciting part begins! 

Once the flowers are designed and ready to be dispatched, we hand deliver them ourselves. We don’t outsource our deliveries because we want to ensure that we’re a part of every step of the process. 

It creates a more personal feel to ordering with Victoria Flowers and it allows us to always keep to the same standards, as we believe in going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

We have two vans which can hold our deliveries (one much bigger for the larger events!)

Once we arrive at the location, we install the flowers, making sure that they look splendid and our client, in this case, Aston Villa, is more than satisfied with the order.   

Projects at Villa Park

Some of our recent projects have included designing flowers for the restaurant at Villa Park, as well as flowers for the exclusive boxes you can sit in during the match, and the reception areas which welcome guests. 

Check out some of our work below:

In Need of Decor for a Sporting Event or Large Event?

We’re not just a flower delivery service that caters to small orders, we do both, large and small. 

Like some help with your corporate flowers UK, maybe decorations for a sporting event or other large event?

You can trust that we’ll do a fantastic job, as we oversee the process every step of the way.

Simply call us on 0121 822 8900 to discuss your requirements and see what ideas we have in mind for you.

If you’d like to add a little more colour to your corporate event, check out our event flowers corporate services here.

For more information feel free to call us on 0121 822 8900

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