Avalanche Roses: The Queen of Roses!

We only use the best of the best, and that’s why we adore Avalanche roses. We think you will too!

The Avalanche Rose is known globally as ‘The Queen of Roses’ because of its ravishing appearance and outstanding quality. 

Why we love Avalanche Roses


This flower always opens up into a large blousy rose, which is absolutely spellbinding. 

And it gets even better. The roses have long, sturdy stems, with minimal thorns, and can last up to 14 days, so you can enjoy them for an entire fortnight! Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

The Avalanche rose comes in a few different variations, we particularly enjoy using the Sweet Avalanche and the Lovely Avalanche. 

Sweet Avalanche Rose


The Sweet Avalanche is a vintage-looking rose and is pale pink in colour. This type of rose wouldn’t only look incredible at a wedding but would also serve as a thoughtful gift, since pink symbolises admiration, love and happiness.

The way the rose opens from bud into full bloom is magical, as if you couldn’t imagine such a breathtaking flower hiding within its sweet little bud. 

Lovely Avalanche Rose

The Lovely Avalanche is Ivory/blush in colour and truly lives up to its name. It’s a flower you could just gaze at and get lost within its beauty. 

This flower is a popular one for weddings.

Order Your Avalanche Roses Today

We are always mixing up our collection to honour each season and the flowers it brings! So, check out our shop here [insert button to explore our current range! 

You’ll almost certainly find yourself a bouquet or display featuring the star of the show, the Avalanche rose, which will blow you away just like it did when we first laid our eyes upon it! 

And guess what? You can request a bespoke design of Sweet Avalanche or Lovely Avalanche roses if you have something specific in mind. Just give us a call on (0121)822 8900.

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